2017 News

  • 23-05-2017: IETF RFC8159 keyed IPv6 tunnel.  [EtherealMind]  [RFC 8159]
  • 05-05-2017: What IPv6 transitions mechanisms are actually being used?  [ipSpace]
  • 21-04-2017: MIT selling 8 million IPv4 addresses.  [HardOCP]  [GitHubGist]
  • 20-04-2017: Seven steps to successful IPv4 transfers.  [Russ White]  [APNIC Blog]
  • 19-04-2017: Governing body declares: No IP addresses for governments that shut down internet access.  [ExtremeTech]
  • 19-04-2017: IPv6 extensions are already dead.  [EtherealMind]
  • 10-04-2017: Finally a reason not to bother with IPv6: Uh, security concerns...?  [The Register]  [HardOCP]  [Russ White]  [ITnews]
  • 10-03-2017: Public IPv4 drought: Verizon Wireless to stop handing out static addresses.  [The Register]
  • 15-02-2017: Global IPv4 address drought: Seriously, we're done now.  [The Register]
  • 31-01-2017: IPv4 in a world of IoT.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 18-01-2017: IPv6 vulnerable to fragmentation attacks that threaten core internet routers.  [The Register]
  • 09-01-2017: Studying the IPv4 transfer market.  [Russ White]  [APNIC]
  • 05-01-2017: The back-door feature problem.  [Russ White]  [CAIDAPDF]

2016 News

  • 08-11-2016: IPv4 is over, so quit relying on it in new protocols.  [The Register]
  • 29-09-2016: ARIN IPv4 depletion: the aftermath.  [Network Computing]
  • 19-09-2016: IPv4 apocalypse means we just can't measure the internet any more.  [The Register]
  • 16-09-2016: Google: there are three certainties in life – death, taxes and IPv6.  [The Register]
  • 16-09-2016: IPv6 versus v4 performance map.  [Russ White]  [APNIC]
  • 29-07-2016: This is how you build an IPv6-only data center.  [ipSpace]  [Hostinger]
  • 28-07-2016: IPv6 now faster than IPv4 when visiting 20% of top websites – and just as fast for the rest.  [The Register]
  • 12-07-2016: Measuring IPv6 from the Internet's core.  [Russ White]  [APNIC Blog]
  • 05-07-2016: Cutting through the IPv6 requirements red tape.  [ipSpace]
  • 01-07-2016: How IPv6 enables the connected home.  [Network Computing]
  • 22-06-2016: Fraudsters are buying IPv4 addresses.  [Schneier]  [The Register]
  • 06-06-2016: IPv6 progress report: going mainstream.  [Network Computing]
  • 02-06-2016: Cisco warns IPv6 ping-of-death vulnerability is everyone's problem.  [The Register]

2015 News

  • 23-11-2015: IPv6 performace.  [Geoff Huston]
  • 05-11-2015: There's a problem with IPv6 multihoming.  [ipSpace]
  • 10-08-2015: IPv6 and the swinging technology pendulum.  [ipSpace]
  • 05-08-2015: IPv4 address exhaustion in APNIC.  [Geoff Huston]
    • 12-08-2015: A second look at APNIC and IPv4 address exhaustion.  [Geoff Huston]
    • 14-08-2015: Engineering lessons, IPv6 edition.  [Russ White]
  • 03-08-2015: What’s driving IPv6 adoption? An IPv6 epiphany.  [Juniper]
  • 22-06-2015: IPv6 is here -- get used to it.  [ipSpace]
  • 15-06-2015: An update on IPv6.  [Geoff Huston]
  • 04-04-2015: IPv6 is 20 years old.  [ipSpace]
  • 26-03-2015: MLD considered harmful.  [ipSpace]

2014 News

  • 03-12-2014: New Bluetooth 4.2 spec brings IPv6, better privacy, and increased speed.  [Ars Technica]
  • 11-11-2014: IPv6 adoption: forging the path ahead.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 03-11-2014: IPv6 web starts to look like the internet we know.  [The Register]
  • 21-10-2014: Belgium leads the world in IPv6 adoption.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Google]
  • 20-10-2014: Hurricane Electric Expands IPv6 network to more Equinix data centers in Europe and Asia.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 03-10-2014: IPv6 adoption in the UK.  [IPengineer]
  • 30-09-2014: Global IPv6 traffic is growing, DDoS dying, says Akamai.  [The Register]
  • 29-08-2014: IPv6 adoption starting to add up to real numbers: 0.6 percent.  [Ars Technica]
  • 07-08-2014: IPv6 and the VCR.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Networking Nerd]
  • 07-08-2014: RIPE and ARIN start testing for longer-than-/24 reachability.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [ARIN]  [RIPE]
  • 19-06-2014: Latin America going IPv6-only.  [Secure64]
  • 15-06-2014: IPv4 shortage is now becoming a reality - what is needed for IPv6 to work?  [StackExchange]
  • 13-06-2014: Proof the net needs to move to IPv6 IP addresses: Microsoft runs out of U.S. address space.  [PCWorld]
  • 11-06-2014: Pv4 exhaustion in the LACNIC region.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [LACNIC]  [The Register]
  • 23-05-2014: The car industry's need for IPv6.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [CircleID]
  • 23-05-2014: Milestone reached on road to IPv4 exhaustion.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [NRO]
  • 20-05-2014: ARIN IPv4 run-out tracking.  [Reddit]
  • 09-05-2014: Five misperceptions about ARIN IPv4 depletion.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [ARIN]
  • 07-05-2014: Slow IPv6 adoption is a good thing as IETF plans privacy boost.  [The Register]

2013 News

  • 22-11-2013: Mitigating a IPv6 malformed packet multicast flood.  [StackExchange]
  • 28-10-2013: Blighty's laziness over IPv6 will cost us on the Internet.  [The Register]
  • 30-05-2013: NRO calls for greater investment in IPv6 deployment.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [NRO]
  • 30-05-2013: IPv6 traffic forecast to grow nearly twenty-fold by 2017.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Networking Planet]
  • 10-05-2013: Cisco IOS TCP MSS handline on IPv6.  [ipSpace]
  • 02-05-2013: IPv6 is key to India's development, says telecoms minister.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [CIOL]
  • 29-04-2013: IPv6 deployment is one of 2013's top 10 tech trends.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [WSJ]
  • 29-03-2013: A lightbulb that does IPv6: you know you want it.  [The Register]
  • 10-03-2013: China's Internet architecture gives the rest of us a run for our money.  [Gizmodo]  [New Scientist]  [DailyTech]

2012 News

  • 25-10-2012: Preparing for IPv6 more important than ever.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [ITProPortal]
  • 15-10-2012: IPv6 first-hop security: ideal OpenFlow use case.  [ipSpace]
  • 20-08-2012: How the Air Force is flying toward IPv6.  [ReadWriteWeb]
  • 09-08-2012: Do you need IPSec to run IPv6?  [ipSpace]
  • 02-08-2012: IPv6 on its way to conquer the world after World IPv6 Launch.  [Ars Technica]
  • 16-07-2012: IPv4 addresses now driving hosting deals.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 16-07-2012: Analyst-driven IPv6 deployment.  [ipSpace]
  • 09-07-2012: Father of Australian Internet warns of address crunch.  [Wired]
  • 19-06-2012: IPv6: still on the radar.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [ICANN Blog]
  • 19-06-2012: From IPv4 to IPv6: sustaining the growth of the Internet.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [ITProPortal]
  • 16-06-2012: Texas and the IPv6 map.  [IPv4 Depletion Site]  [txv6tf.org]
  • 08-06-2012: The Pirate Bay evades ISP blockade with IPv6, can do it 18 quintillion more times.  [ExtremeTech]
  • 08-06-2012: IPv6: when do you really need to switch?  [IPv6 Act Now]  [ZDNet]
  • 06-06-2012: Ovum: the importance of IPv6.  [Voxy]
  • 05-06-2012: Internet co-creator Vint Cerf welcomes IPv6 elbow room.  [cNet]  [Fix6]  [DC Knowledge]  [Ars Technica]
  • 05-06-2012: Nominum survey of world's leading ISPs shows nearly 60% plan to roll out IPv6 by end of 2012.  [Fix6]  [Nominum]
    • PDF attached below: Nominum_IPv6_survey_results-2012_06_05.pdf
  • 04-06-2012: The security paradox of IPv6; shoring up the holes.  [Forbes]
  • 31-05-2012: FBI: new Internet addresses could hinder police investigations.  [cNet]  [Gizmodo]
  • 21-05-2012: The future is forever: the state of IPv6 in the Apple world.  [Ars Technica]
  • 11-05-2012: IPv6 -- it's not an option.  [Evil Routers]
  • 03-05-2012: IPv6: Europe ahead in new address scheme.  [BBC News]
  • 27-04-2012: Beware of IPv6 security goblins, IETF warns.  [Ars Technica]
  • 24-04-2012: IPv6 now deployed across entire T-Mobile US network.  [ExtremeTech]
  • 19-04-2012: Facebook enabling IPv6 access for developers next month.  [WebProNews]
  • 14-03-2012: UK and US lagging on IPv6 adoption as Norway leads the way.  [IPv6 Act Now]
  • 20-02-2012: First IPv6 DDoS Internet attacks seen.  [ZDNet]  [ExtremeTech]
  • 20-02-2012: Broadcast industry must face up to IPv6 migration at last.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [ReThink]
  • 08-02-2012: Public-sector focus at government IPv6 event.  [Voxy]
  • 29-01-2012: T-Mobile USA testing IPv6 on select devices -- here is what it all means (and yes, no more NAT).  [Android Police]
  • 09-01-2012: ThinkBroadBand's year in review 2011 -- highlight includes IPv6.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [ThinkBroadBand]
  • 06-01-2012: IPv6 promotional push will shift gears at CES.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [ReadWriteWeb]
  • 02-01-2012: Looking back at 2011.  [IPv4 Depletion]

2011 News
  • 25-08-2011: IPv6 or bust.  [TCPMag]
  • 10-08-2011: In the wake of World IPv6 Day, browsers resist IPv6 brokenness -- but should they?  [Fix6]  [Ars Technica]
  • 25-05-2011: Amazon Web Services moving toward IPv6.  [IOS Hints]
  • 19-05-2011: All our lightbulbs will have IP addresses.  [Gizmodo]  [Fast Company]
  • 14-05-2011: Vint Cerf wants you to use IPv6.  [Fix6]
  • 09-05-2011: Should your home broadband connection be IPv6 ready right now?  [IPv6 Act Now]  [PC&Tech Authority]
  • 26-04-2011: IPv6 in the enterprise may happen unexpectedly fast.  [Network World]
  • 21-04-2011: IPv4 addresses priced at $4 on new trading site.  [The Register]  [TradeIPv4]
    • 25-04-2011: Need IPv4 addresses?  Get 'em here.  [Network World]
  • 16-04-2011: Predicting RIPE's depletion date.  [IPv4 Depletion]  [Fix6]
  • 15-04-2011: APNIC runs out of IPv4.  [IPv4 Depletion]
    • 14-04-2011: It's official: Asia's just run out of IPv4 addresses.  [ZDNet]
    • 15-04-2011: Small ISPs losers as APNIC exhausts IPv4.  [TechWorld AU]
    • 15-04-2011: IP registry goes to defcon 1 as IPv4 doomsday nears.  [The Register]
    • 15-04-2011: No more addresses: Asia-Pacific region IPv4 well runs dry.  [Ars Technica]
    • 15-04-2011: APAC IPv4 exhausted, becomes first region unable to meet IPv4 demand.  [Fix6]
  • 12-04-2011: What does IPv6 mean to your network?  [DC Knowledge]
  • 12-04-2011: Four steps on the path to IPv6.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Network Computing]
  • 11-04-2011: Prepare security networks for IPv6: Internode.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [CIO]
  • 07-04-2011: Securing IPv6.  [Cisco]
  • 06-04-2011: DMVPN: another IPv6 failuer.  [IOS Hints]
  • 28-02-2011: When will Ars Technica add IPv6 to its website?  [Fix6]  [Ars Technica]
  • 25-02-2011: The 6 biggest misconceptions about IPv6.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Fix6]  [Network World]
  • 21-02-2011: Cerf: future of Internet doesn't include IPv7.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [PCWorld]
  • 19-02-2011: Ask Ars: how should my organisation approach the IPv6 transition?  [Ars Technica]
  • 16-02-2011: The rise of IPv6.  [Fix6]  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Telecom Reseller]
  • 10-02-2011: Under the microscope: what the end of IPv4 means for marketers.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [MarketingVOX]
  • 07-02-2011: Last blocks of net addresses get handed over.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [BBC News]
  • 04-02-2011: Final IPv4 addresses doled out.  [Trusted Reviews]
  • 03-02-2011: IPv4 address depletion adds momentum to IPv6 transition.  [eWeek]
  • 03-02-2011: IPv6 marks the next chapter in the history of the Internet.  [Google]
  • 03-02-2011: No easy fixes as Internet runs out of addresses.  [Wired]
  • 03-02-2011: River of IPv4 addresses officially runs dry.  [Ars Technica]
  • 03-02-2011: Final 5 distributed.  [IPv4 Depletion Site]
  • 03-02-2011: Free pool of IPv4 address space depleted -- IPv6 adoption at critical phase.  [IPv6 Act Now]
  • 03-02-2011: Goodbye to a couple of old friends.  [Network World]
  • 02-02-2011: The IPv4 long tail.  [Juniper]
  • 02-02-2011: RIRs make significant announcement.  [PacketLife]  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Fix6]  [NRO]
  • 02-02-2011: World shrugs as IPv4 addresses finally exhausted.  [The Register]
  • 01-02-2011: World IPv4 stocks finally run out.  [eWeek]  [IPv6 Act Now]
  • 01-02-2011: Oh noes!  The Internetz is almost out of IP addresses.  [Gizmodo]
  • 01-02-2011: Web running out of addresses.  [WSJ]
  • 26-01-2011: Vint Cerf on IPv4 depletion: 'Who the hell knew how much address space we needed?'  [Engadget]
  • 26-01-2011: 2nd February 2011?  [IPv4 Depletion Site]
  • 21-01-2011: The sky is not falling, and IPv6 will take to the air.  [Juniper]
  • 20-01-2011: IPocalypse: what's next for the "end of the Internet"?  [Etherealmind]
    • 21-01-2011: IPv6 -- /48 allocation in /64 chunks -- that's a lot of addresses.  [Etherealmind]
    • 23-01-2011: Why allocating a /64 is not wasteful and necessary.  [Etherealmind]
  • 19-01-2011: The IPocalypse is nigh -- forced allocation of IPv4 to RIRs next week?  [EtherealMind]
  • 19-01-2011: Don't panic: the web isn't full to capacity -- yet.  [The Independent]
  • 18-01-2011: What advertisers and agencies need to know about IPv6.  [MediaPost]
  • 17-01-2011: GogoNET releases 16 hours of IPv6 videos.  [Fix6]
  • 17-01-2011: What management reads about IPv6 addresses.  [PacketLife]  -->  [MarketWatch]
  • 12-01-2011: IETF IPv6 address allocation policy being updated.  [Etherealmind]

  • 10-01-2011: Addressing in 2010.  [CircleID]
  • 10-01-2011: The big IPv6 experiment.  [H-Online]
  • 09-01-2011: Looking back at 2010.  [IPv4 Depletion Site]  [Fix6]
  • 07-01-2011: Set aside policies.  [Fix6]  [IPv4 Depletion Site]
  • 05-01-2011: How to successfully access a dual-stacked Internet.  [TCP/IP World]
  • 05-01-2011: US government releases two IPv6 papers.  [CircleID]  [Fix6]  [PDFs attached below]
    • Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6.pdf
    • Potential Impacts on Communications from IPv4 Exhaustion and IPv6 Transition.pdf

2010 News

  • 25-12-2010: IPv4 - IPv6 migration: what should you do?  [Computing]
  • 20-12-2010: US military strong-arming IT industry on IPv6.  [Network World]
  • 20-12-2010: IPv6 deployment in 2010: how far along are we?  [BGPmon]
  • 14-12-2010: IPv6: rumours are more accurate than predictions.  [Fix6]
  • 10-12-2010: Name you need to know: IPv6.  [Forbes]
  • 10-12-2010: How much IPv6 address space should a residential customer get?  [IOS Hints]
  • 02-12-2010: Small-site multihoming in IPv6: mission impossible?  [IOS Hints]
  • 01-12-2010: 97% of Internet now filled up.  [The Register]  [Ars Technica]
  • 29-11-2010: Why DNS blacklists don't work for IPv6 networks.  [Fix6]
  • 25-11-2010: Scheduling the IPocalypse.  [Etherealmind]
    • 01-12-2010: Requirements for IPv6 in ICT equipment.  [IOS Hints]
  • 24-11-2010: IPv6 and transitional myths.  [Fix6]  [CircleID]
  • 08-11-2010: IPv6 addressing: how wrong can you get it?  [IOS Hints]
  • 29-10-2010: DHCPv6 relaying: another trouble spot?  [IOS Hints]
  • 28-10-2010: Q&A with ARIN's John Curran on the IPv6 transition.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 27-10-2010: DHCPv6 over PPPoE: total disaster.  [IOS Hints]
  • 26-10-2010: IPv6 for mobile networks: time to act now!  [Fix6]
  • 22-10-2010: Why IPv6?  Vint Cerf keeps blaming himself.  [Network World]
  • 18-10-2010: Remaining IPv4 address space drops below 5%.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Fix6]
  • 14-10-2010: IPv4 exhaustion -- what about Class E addresses?  [PacketLife]
  • 13-10-2010: IPv6 momentum?  [Fix6]
  • 13-10-2010: IPv6 and the fear of brokenness.  [Fix6]
  • 12-10-2010: Ready or not, here's IPv6.  [eWeek]
  • 12-10-2010: Graph shows decline of IPv4 has been mostly linear.  [Fix6]  [RIPE Labs]
  • 11-10-2010: InternetNZ says businesses not aware of IPv6.  [Geekzone]  [InternetNZ]  [PDF attached below]
    • ipv6_survey_2010.pdf
  • 07-10-2010: Will I lose customers if I enable IPv6 on my web site?  [Network World]
  • 30-09-2010: There is no plan B: why the IPv4-to-IPv6 transition will be ugly.  [Ars Technica]
  • 29-09-2010: Migrating services to IPv6.  [IPv4 Depletion]  [Fix6]
  • 28-09-2010: Fed's IPv6 plan a "game changer".  [Computer World]
  • 28-09-2010: A look at 9 years of RIPE database objects: IPv6 objects on the rise.  [RIPE Labs]
  • 17-09-2010: Akamai: why our IPv6 upgrade is harder than Google's.  [ComputerWorld]
  • 14-09-2010: Organisations urged to stop delaying IPv6 deployment.  [IPv6 Act Now]
  • 08-09-2010: The Internet is running out of IPv4 gas.  [ZDNet]
  • 02-09-2010: Native IPv6 at home.  [RIPE Labs]
  • 02-09-2010: Verizon advocates IPv6 adoption.  [Verizonpodcast]
  • 02-09-2010: Free (Iliad Group) implements Cisco carrier-grade IPv6 solution.  [Cisco]
  • 01-09-2010: The IPv6 "experts" strike again.  [IOS Hints]
  • 26-08-2010: IPv6 is being deployed, but not in the expected places.  [Network World]
  • 24-08-2010: Verizon: businesses need to move on IPv6.  [Network World]
  • 23-08-2010: Suggestion for Internet search engines and their scoring algorithms.  [Go6]
  • 20-08-2010: More IPv6 FUD being thrown at CFOs.  [IOS Hints]
  • 18-08-2010: Why you shouldn't worry about IPv6 just yet.  [PC Pro]
  • 09-08-2010: Psst -- interested in some lightly-used IP addresses?  [Fix6]  [CircleID]
  • 06-08-2010: How to succeed with IPv6.  [GCN]
  • 06-08-2010: Defcon speaker calls IPv6 a security nightmare.  [The Register]
  • 05-08-2010: Interesting graph - IPv6 allocations since 1999.  [RIPE Labs]  [Fix6]
  • 03-08-2010: Deploying IPv6?  Demand responsiveness from vendors, content providers.  [TechTarget]
  • 03-08-2010: IPv4 addresses could dry up by year's end.  [TCP Mag]
  • 25-07-2010: Tainted blocks?  [IPv4 Depletion]
  • 24-07-2010: Google finally indexing the IPv4 Internet.  [Fix6]
  • 22-07-2010: China Telecom pilots IPv6.  [Information Week]
  • 22-07-2010: Internet will soon be running on IPv4 address fumes.  [Ars Technica]
  • 21-07-2010: Less than 1 year until the Internet runs out of addresses.  [ReadWriteWeb]
  • 21-07-2010: India plans to introduce IPv6 by 2012.  [PCWorld]
  • 20-07-2010: IPv6 "Ripeness": the hard numbers on ISPs and deployment rates.  [CircleID]  [Fix6]
  • 14-07-2010: What you need to know about IPv6.  [IT World]
  • 14-07-2010: Less than a year until IPv4 exhaustion.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 06-07-2010: What you need to know about IPv6.  [PCWorld]
  • 29-06-2010: ARIN's guide to IPv6 preparedness.  [TMCnet]
  • 24-06-2010: 'Internet crunch' won't impact defense networks.  [US DoD]
  • 22-06-2010: APNIC says ISPs need to treat IPv6 seriously, but downplays IPv4 panic.  [CommsDay]
  • 17-06-2010: Run on IPv4 addresses could exhaust supply by December.  [Network World]
  • 17-06-2010: Scraping the bottom of the IPv4 barrel for new addresses.  [Ars Technica]
  • 17-06-2010: Rocky Mountain IPv6 summit detailed agenda of presentations.  [RMv6TF]
  • 10-06-2010: Facebook begins deploying IPv6.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 09-06-2010: IPv6 ripeness - the sequel.  [RIPE Labs]
  • 09-06-2010: IPv6 autoconfiguration: too many cooks spoil the broth.  [IOS Hints]
  • 07-06-2010: IPv6 vs carrier-grade NAT.  [Computer World]
  • 01-06-2010: Is NAT64 a subset of NAT-PT?  [IOS Hints]
  • 29-05-2010: Cyber attackers are using IPv6 to tunnel into networks.  [Earth Times]  [Digital Journal]  [Sun Herald]
  • 29-05-2010: Top IPv6 sites.  [MPLS VPN]
  • 27-05-2010: Are you ready for the big Internet crunch?  [CNN]
  • 26-05-2010: An explanation of the Internet protocol.  [LCF Review]
  • 26-05-2010: IPv6 will rescue the Internet.  [BigThink]
  • 26-05-2010: IPv4: classes and subnets.  [Richard Allen Hughes]
  • 24-05-2010: The digital divide on IP addresses.  [CircleID]
  • 22-05-2010: Importance of IPv6 stressed.  [TopNews]
  • 21-05-2010: Take IPAM seriously: your business depends on it.  [CircleID]
  • 19-05-2010: Move to IPv6 critical as internet reaches limits of growth.  [Silicon Republic]
  • 18-05-2010: No room at the internet.  [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • 18-05-2010: How widespread is IPv6 on mobile phones?  [IOS Hints]
  • 17-05-2010: RIPE NCC's managing director Axel Pawlik: is the IPv4 address space finally about to be depleted?  [Computing]
  • 14-05-2010: Weekend project: transition to IPv6.  [Linux.com]
  • 13-05-2010: IPv6: D-Day coming for ISPs.  [Network World]
  • 12-05-2010: IPv6: circling the IPv4 wagons for a last stand.  [CircleID]
  • 12-05-2010: Concern over lack of IPv6 uptake as IP address D-Day looms.  [IT Pro]
  • 12-05-2010: The Internet is running out of addresses.  [The Buzz Blog]
  • 11-05-2010: Broadband providers & router manufacturers failing to support IPv6.  [Think Broadband]
  • 11-05-2010: Internet approaches addressing limit.  [BBC News]
  • 10-05-2010: Governments need to take the lead in IPv6 adoption.  [eGov Monitor]
  • 06-05-2010: IPv6 /127 prefixes.  [PacketLife]
  • 05-05-2010: Fears of IP address black market largerly unfounded.  [Ars Technica]
  • 04-05-2010: IPv6 myths are alive and well.  [IOS Hints]
  • 03-05-2010: IPv4 addresses might run out sooner than expected.  [TMCnet]
  • 01-05-2010: Start reconfiguring your network for IPv6.  [CED Magazine]
  • 29-04-2010: Time to upgrade the internet: IPv6 vs IPv4.  [ThinkDigit]
  • 28-04-2010: IPv6: are we there yet?  [Renesys]
  • 23-04-2010: IPv4's Last Day: What Will Happen When There Is Only IPv6?  [Enterprise Networking Planet]
  • 22-04-2010: NRO report highlights strong growth in both IPv4 and IPv6 allocations.  [IPv6 Act Now]
  • 15-04-2010: NBN must have IPv6 enabled: ISOC-AU.  [Computer World]
  • 14-04-2010: NRO and OECD highlight that IPv6 deployment is too slow.  [IPv6 Act Now]
  • 29-03-2010: Yahoo wants two-faced DNS to aid IPv6 deployment.  [Ars Technica]
  • 26-03-2010: Yahoo proposes 'really ugly hack' to DNS.  [Network World]  [Computer World]  [CIO]
  • 26-03-2010: Google, Microsoft, Netflix in talks to create shared list of IPv6 users.  [Network World]
  • 24-03-2010: Comcast, Netflix report rise in IPv6 activity.  [Network World]
  • 23-03-2010: IPv4 squatting: awareness raising and research.  [ICANN]
  • 22-03-2010: Day One - Exploring IPv6.  [Juniper]  [PDF attached below]
  • 19-03-2010: IPv6 Internet in VRF over IPv4 MPLS cloud.  [MPLS VPN]
  • 17-03-2010: Using 6to4 for IPv6 at home.  [PacketLife]
  • 15-03-2010: It's time to prepare for IPv6.  [Voice & Data]
  • 15-03-2010: Is IPv6 finally on the verge?  [Light Reading]
  • 11-03-2010: Seven IPv6 networking myths that don't match reality.  [TechTarget]  [IOS Hints]
  • 07-03-2010: IPv6 Internet in VRF over MPLS.  [MPLS VPN]
  • 04-03-2010: IPv6 addressing architecture for service providers.  [MPLS VPN]  [ARIN Wiki]
  • 03-03-2010: First test labs for next-generation IPv6 are accredited.  [Physorg]
  • 03-03-2010: IPv6 from MPLS.  [MPLS VPN]
  • 01-03-2010: Survey of IPv6 availability on commercial firewalls.  [ICANN]
  • 28-02-2010: DE-CIX also hits 2Gbps IPv6 traffic.  [Fix6]
  • 26-02-2010: IPv6 myths.  [IOS Hints]  [CCIE Journey]
  • 25-02-2010: With IPv4 addresses running out, Comcast starts IPv6 project.  [Yahoo Tech]
  • 24-02-2010: gogo6 introduces DS-lite service on Freenet6.  [Forbes]
  • 24-02-2010: NIST announces draft guidelines for the secure deployment of IPv6.  [NIST]
  • 22-02-2010: The evolution of networking.  [WindowsITPro]
  • 22-02-2010: Why should VoIP people care about IPv6?  [Internet Dagarna]
  • 17-02-2010: IPv6 migration.  [IET]
  • 12-02-2010: Martin Levy discusses the global urgency to deploy IPv6.  [Virtualization Journal]
  • 12-02-2010: My customers are not interested in IPv6... what can I do?  [IOS Hints]
  • 10-02-2010: Are you ready for IPv6?  [Network Computing]
  • 09-02-2010: IP addresses dwindle as economies recover.  [Computer World]
  • 02-02-2010: YouTube turns on IPv6 support and net traffic spikes.  [PC World]  [The Register]  [DC Knowledge]
  • 31-01-2010: Google enables IPv6 on YouTube.  [Fix6]
  • 29-01-2010: ICANN head sounds policy alarm on rapidly shrinking Internet space.  [IP Watch]
  • 28-01-2010: Comcast IPv6 trial plans for 2010.  [Fix6]  [CircleID]  [Ars Technica]
  • 27-01-2010: Less than 10% of IPv4 addresses remain unallocated.  [NRO]
  • 27-01-2010: IPv6 or IPv4 -- what will we see in the first wave of LTE networks?  [CircleID]
  • 27-01-2010: Australia leads the way in IPv6 education networks.  [Computer World]
  • 25-01-2010: Visualising IPv4 addresses on the Internet.  [Tech Republic]
  • 25-01-2010: IPv6 CPE router requirements.  [IOS Hints]
  • 22-01-2010: Growth in IP addresses despite global slowdown.  [Voice & Data]
  • 22-01-2010: 2009, the year before IPv6 took off?  [RIPE Labs]
  • 21-01-2010: Web sites must support IPv6 by 2012.  [Network World]
  • 21-01-2010: >90% of IPv4 address space is used -- IPv6 is looking mess.  [Ars Technica]
  • 19-01-2010: Less than 10% of IPv4 addresses remain unnallocated.  [IPv6ActNow]
  • 18-01-2010: IPv4 not dead yet: 625 days of IPv4 addresses remain.  While there's been some success in reclaiming IPv4 address space, this will only extend the lifetime of the IPv4 address pool by 6 to 12 months at most.  In the US, technology consumers are not familiar with IPv6, which is in contrast to Japan, where IPv6 enabled TVs are already available in the shops.  [Enterprise Networking Planet]
  • 17-01-2010: We're running out of time.  A particularly badly-written article with several inaccuracies and incorrect information:  [Digitas Gravitas]
    • The available IPv4 address range is wrong.
    • The author doesn't understand subnetting at all, nor eve hexadecimal is (base 18?).
    • "Spectrum" has nothing to do with IP addressing.
    • You don't have to buy IPv6 addresses (or IPv4 for that matter): it's free (although with IPv4, justification was and still is needed).
  • 06-01-2010: The road to IPv6 is paved with NATs.  It seems that there are still instability issues on the IPv6 Internet, with route flapping, etc. happening quite regularly.  It seems that some people involved still treat it like some kind of beta or test network, and as such it's not ready for commercial services.  [Network Computing]
  • 06-01-2010: A tale of two protocols: IPv4, IPv6, MTUs and fragmentation.  [The ISP Column]
  • 05-01-2010: IPv4 runs low faster than IPv6 is adopted.  [Network Computing]
  • 02-01-2010: Will the internet run out of IP addresses in 2012? [Sci-Tech Today]

2009 News
  • 23-12-2009: Australian ISPs have been called "timid" when it comes to providing support for IPv6 services.  [IT Wire]
  • 22-12-2009: China Telecom announces IPv6 commercial service.  [Digaria]
  • 22-12-2009: Transition to IPv6 is taking some time.  [Cable360]
  • 11-12-2009: Australian IPv6 Summit talks.  [ipv6.org.au]
  • 23-11-2009: Hurricane Electric are now connected to over 600 IPv6 networks, doubling its IPv6 network in less than a year.  HE first deployed IPv6 on its global backbone in 2001.  [Earth Times]
  • 20-11-2009: Google adding IPv6 to YouTube.  [Network World]
  • 16-11-2009: Untunneling IPv6.  [RIPE Labs]
  • 07-07-2009: Hurricane Electric welcomes IPv6 rivals.  Verizon Wireless and Comcast both made announcements relating to IPv6, the former stating that devices must support IPv6 in order to operate on its LTE network.  [Network World]

2008 News

  • 18-04-2008: Understanding IPv6 NAT-PT.  [CCIE Blog]

Useful Articles

World IPv6 Launch 2012

  • 19-06-2012: The impact of IPv6, and why it matters.  [DC Knowledge]  [World IPv6 Launch]
  • 07-06-2012: World IPv6 Launch: steps to IPv6.  [Juniper]
  • 06-06-2012: IPv6 Launch: the day the Internet avoids disaster.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Huffington Post]
  • 06-06-2012: Industry lights up IPv6 addresses.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Telecoms]
  • 06-06-2012: Google, Facebook and Yahoo switch to IPv6 for World IPv6 Launch.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [v3]
  • 06-06-2012: Trillions of new net addresses now possible.  [BBC News]
  • 06-06-2012: IPv6 lands today, do you copy?  [Engadget]
  • 06-06-2012: IPv6 Day: only the biggest change to the Internet since its inception.  [Time]
  • 06-06-2012: World IPv6 Launch Day.  [HardOCP]  [ThinkBroadband]
  • 06-06-2012: It's World IPv6 Launch Day: welcome to the wider web.  [THG]
  • 06-06-2012: World IPv6 Launch Day: escaping the IPocalypse.  [ExtremeTech]
  • 06-06-2012: New Internet has arrived -- now what?  [WSJ ATD]
  • 06-06-2012: World IPv6 Launch Day is key for Internet of things.  [ReadWriteWeb]
  • 06-06-2012: World IPv6 Launch: keeping the Internet growing.  [Google]
  • 06-06-2012: IPv6 Task Force supports world launch.  [Voxy]
  • 05-06-2012: Techies beg world to join the 1% on IPv6 launch day.  [The Register]
  • 05-06-2012: The new Internet starts now.  [Gizmodo]
  • 05-06-2012: World IPv6 Launch Day.  [Juniper]
  • 04-06-2012: Internet industry gears up for World IPv6 Launch.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [TechWorld]
  • 04-06-2012: World IPv6 Launch: the Internet will permanently change on 6 June.  [Fix6]  [New Europe]
  • 04-06-2012: Roundup: enthusiasm builds for IPv6 Launch.  [DC Knowledge]
    • 31-05-2012: FBI: new Internet addresses could hinder police investigations.  [cNet]
    • 01-06-2012: IPv6 & IPv4 will co-exist for a long time.  [ENP]
    • 01-06-2012: Rehearsals over, IPv6 goes prime time June 6.  [Network World]
    • 03-06-2012: Three things to know about IPv6 as World IPv6 Day approaches.  [ZDNet]
    • 04-06-2012: The security paradox of IPv6: shoring up the holes.  [Forbes]
  • 24-01-2012: 2012 and IPv6 is coming to town.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [TRCB News]
  • 24-01-2012: IPv6 Launch Day countdown: 135 days and counting.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [BCW]
  • 24-01-2012: World IPv6 Launch Day set to aid net address switchover.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [BBC News]
  • 24-01-2012: Companies pledge support for World IPv6 Launch Day.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Social Barrel]
  • 19-01-2012: World IPv6 Launch: this time it's for real.  [Ars Technica]
  • 18-01-2012: 6th June 2012: IPv6 goes live.  [Engadget]
  • 18-01-2012: Countdown to 6th June IPv6 transition begins at Google.  [DailyTech]
  • 17-01-2012: World IPv6 Launch solidifies global support for new Internet protocol.  [ISOC]  [Google]  [Geekzone]  [Cisco]  [BBC News]

World IPv6 Day 2011

  • 19-07-2011: Six weeks after World IPv6 Day, what have we learned?  [Ars Technica]
  • 08-07-2011: Yahoo: what we learned on IPv6 Day.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 05-07-2011: IPv6 enabled networks before and after World IPv6 Day.  [CircleID]
  • 11-06-2011: Week in tech: surfing the IPv6 Internet using in-flight WiFi.  [Ars Technica]
  • 09-06-2011: World IPv6 Day a success, demonstrated global readiness for IPv6, says ISOC.  [Fix6]
  • 09-06-2011: World IPv6 Day: conclusions.  [InfoQ]
  • 09-06-2011: World IPv6 Day went mostly smoothly, with a few surprises.  [Ars Technica]
  • 09-06-2011: World IPv6 Day fails to kill the Internet.  [The Register]
  • 09-06-2011: IPv6 Day provides test-drive for Internet transition.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 08-06-2011: So far, so good with World IPv6 Day.  [ComputerWorld]
  • 08-06-2011: World IPv6 Day celebrated by Google, Facebook, Bing and others.  [Hexus]
  • 08-06-2011: World IPv6 Day is finally here.  [IPv4 Depletion Site]
  • 08-06-2011: Web giants promote new IPv6 internet address system.  [BBC News]
  • 08-06-2011: World IPv6 Day and New Zealand.  [Geekzone]
  • 07-06-2011: Can't reach your favourite site?  IPv6 may be to blame.  [ComputerWorld]
  • 07-06-2011: World IPv6 Day looms: what might break (and how to fix it).  [Ars Technica]
  • 07-06-2011: World IPv6 Day: are you ready?  [ExtremeTech]
  • 06-06-2011: Facebook and World IPv6 Day.  [Fix6]  [Facebook]
  • 06-06-2011: World IPv6 Day begins 24 hours from now.  Websites, start your engines.  [Google Blog]
  • 06-06-2011: World IPv6 Day signals time to modernize the Internet.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [eWeek]
  • 04-06-2011: What your business can expect on World IPv6 Day.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [PCWorld]  [IT World]
  • 31-05-2011: IPv6 Day: will users feel the stress of worldwide tests?  [IPv6 Act Now]  [GCN]
  • 04-05-2011: June 8th: the day your phone won't stop ringing.  [IOS Hints]
  • 02-05-2011: World IPv6 Day update.  [Fix6]
  • 02-05-2011: NTT Communications Group to join World IPv6 Day.  [Fix6]  [Sun Herald]  [Digital Journal]  [IT News]
  • 02-05-2011: Xbox.com to participate in World IPv6 Day.  [Fix6]  [This is Xbox]
  • 15-03-2011: World IPv6 Day will provide a chance to test how well Internet-based apps will transition to IPv6.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Continuity Central]
  • 07-03-2011: World IPv6 Day -- list of participants.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Internet Society]  [Fix6]
  • 08-02-2011: World IPv6 Day: update.  [Fix6]  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Fix6]  [Fix6]  [Fix6]  [Fix6]  [Fix6]
  • 07-02-2011: World IPv6 Day: Bing joins forces.  [Fix6]  [Bing]
  • 03-02-2011: Juniper actively participating in World IPv6 Day.  [Juniper]
  • 03-02-2011: World IPv6 Day: Bing taking decisions to the next generation of the Internet.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [Bing]
  • 02-02-2011: Juniper Networks to participate in World IPv6 Day.  [Fix6]  [Juniper]
  • 02-02-2011: Tech giants to enable IPv6 on "World IPv6 Day" in June.  [Ars Technica]
  • 24-01-2011: Cisco and Verizon enlist in 24-hour IPv6 trial.  [Network World]  [Fix6]  [IPv6 Act Now]
  • 12-01-2011: World IPv6 Day.  [Google]  [ISOC]  [Network World]

NZ ISP Survey -- June 2009

Interesting statistics on IPv6 adoption (see attachments below).  Survey page is here.

IPv6 Installation Base

  • 21% : Already installed.
  • 10% : Install within 1 year.
  • 21% : Install between 1 and 2 years.
  • 11% : Install between 2 and 4 years.
  • 37% : No plans to install.
Key summarised points:
  • 21% : Already installed.
  • 31% : Install within 2 years.
  • 37% : No plans to install.

Barriers to IPv6 Installation

  • 42% : Lack of resources (cost/time).
  • 37% : Other business needs taking priority.
  • 37% : A lack of user demand.
  • 21% : Equipment interoperability issues.
  • 16% : Lack of knowledge, education, training, and skills.
  • 16% : Unavailability of upstream IPv6 transit.
  • 11% : Lack of vendor support.
  • 05% : Restrictive IPv6 allocation policy.
  • 11% : Other issues.
  • 11% : Did not respond.

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