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  • 03-07-2020: What to expect from the next version of 5G.  [Engadget]

  • 22-10-2019: Verizon 5G Can’t Even Cover a Whole NBA Arena.  [ExtremeTech]
  • 21-10-2019: Huawei wants to license its 5G tech to US telecoms.  [Engadget]
  • 14-10-2019: 5 steps to get ready for the 5G highway.  [Network Computing]
  • 27-03-2019: Researchers find 36 security flaws in LTE.  [Engadget]
  • 07-03-2019: Wi-Fi 6 is coming: it’s not too early to plan for 802.11ax.  [Network Computing]
  • 06-03-2019: 5G is 'ready' once you redefine 'ready'... and then redefine 'reality'.  [The Register]

  • 13-12-2018: The Wired guide to 5G.  [Wired]
  • 30-11-2018: 5G is weeks away, and Tuesday marks its first real test.  [The Verge]
  • 20-11-2018: A 5G day may come when the courage of cable and DSL fails... but not today.  [The Register]
  • 10-11-2018: TIP launches a disaggregated cells-site gateway design.  [GazettaByte]
  • 25-09-2018: 5G specs get last minute update.  [EETimes]
  • 21-09-2018: WPA3 explained.  [TechQuickie YouTube]
  • 17-09-2018: 5G is just rolling out -- so what is 6G?  [EETimes]
  • 31-07-2018: 5G - the conspiracy theories.  [EETimes]
  • 12-04-2018: Radio over fiber paves way for future 5G networks.  [EETimes]
  • 06-04-2018: 5 Ways WiGig Differs from Today’s WiFi.  [Network Computing]
  • 05-03-2018: LTE security flaws could be used for spying, spreading chaos.  [Ars Technica]

  • 12-11-2016: Facebook demonstrates 20 Gbps millimeter wireless broadband.  [HardOCP]  [Facebook]
  • 01-11-2016: This office printer is actually a rogue cell tower.  [Gizmodo]  [The Register]  [Wired]  [Ars Technica]
  • 24-10-2016: Every LTE call, text, can be intercepted, blacked out, hacker finds.  [The Register]
  • 22-09-2016: Wi-Fi Alliance publishes LTE/WiFi coexistence test plan.  [The Register]
  • 26-08-2016: Critical flaws let attackers hijack cellular phone towers.  [HardOCP]  [Softpedia]
  • 07-07-2016: A MU-MIMO reality check.  [Network Computing]
  • 24-05-2016: Engineers just smashed record for fast wireless data transmission.  [Gizmodo]
  • 28-04-2016: The critical hole at the heart of our cellphone networks.  [Wired]
  • 31-03-2016: There's finally a good way to kill WiFi passwords.  [Gizmodo]

  • 29-02-2015: 5G smoke and mirrors.  [Russ White]  [SDX Central]
  • 29-02-2016: 5G networks getting closer.  [Network Computing]
  • 23-02-2016: There's a new kind of Wifi that uses 10,000 times less power.  [Gizmodo]  [UoW]  [Ars Technica]
  • 22-02-2016: Facebook launches project to open source hardware, designs for cell networks.  [Ars Technica]
  • 10-02-2016: Japan fires up 100Gbps wireless broadband connection.  [The Register]
  • 10-02-2016: What does auto industry want from 5G?  [EETimes]

  • 11-11-2015: So is it 4.5G or LTE-Advanced Pro? Either way, it’s quick.  [The Register]
  • 06-11-2015: GSMA offers a share and share alike approach to the C-Band.  [The Register]
  • 06-11-2015: Cell networks' LTE-U will kill your Wi-Fi, say digital rights bods.  [The Register]
  • 28-09-2015: LTE-U and Wi-Fi interoperate in test.  [EE Times]
  • 21-09-2015: Terahertz breakthrough allows for ultrafast wireless communications.  [ExtremeTech]
  • 15-09-2015: Three's VoLTE launch means better signal in more places.  [Engadget]
  • 09-09-2015: Cell-network content crunch needs new cache designs.  [The Register]
  • 11-05-2015: Boffins set to reveal state of play on fully duplex comms - on the same FREQ.  [The Register]
  • 12-04-2015: Bell Labs wants to get phones and sensors to play nice on 5G wireless.  [Ars Technica]
  • 24-02-2015: The supposedly superfast pCell Network gets its first big test in San Francisco.  [ReadWriteWeb]  [Android Police]
  • 08-01-2015: New generation of 802.11ac devices keeps networks fast even with lots of users.  [Ars Technica]

  • 19-12-2014: German researchers discover a flaw that could let anyone listen to your cell calls.  [HardOCP]  [Washington Post]  [HotForSecurity]
  • 03-12-2014: New Bluetooth 4.2 spec brings IPv6, better privacy, and increased speed.  [Ars Technica]
  • 29-09-2014: You, not Government, should hold the kill switch to your smartphone.  [PocketNow]
  • 04-09-2014: Are rogue cell towers snooping on your calls?  [Graham Cluley]  [HardOCP]  [Business Insider]
    • 04-09-2014: This firewall keeps phony towers from intercepting your phone calls.  [Gizmodo]  [Wired]
    • 19-09-2014: Fake cell phone towers across the US.  [Schneier]
  • 02-09-2014: Fake cell towers could be attacking your cellphone up to 80-90 times per hour.  [THG]  [Gizmodo]
  • 18-08-2014: The government shouldn't be in charge of smartphone kill switches.  [Engadget]
  • 01-08-2014: 5G about the whole network, not just speed, says ALU.  [The Register]
  • 25-07-2014: The seven nations where SIM cards outnumber people.  [The Register]
  • 01-07-2014: Inside the secret building that's bringing cell service to NYC's subway.  [Gizmodo]
  • 10-05-2014: Sprint will slow down speeds for its heaviest data users.  [HardOCP]  [The Verge]
  • 17-04-2014: The kill switch proposal: why U.S. carriers win either way.  [ReadWriteWeb]  [ExtremeTech]
    • 17-04-2014: How greed almost sabotaged the smartphone kill switch.  [Wired]
    • 22-04-2014: Here’s why carrier and OEM Kill Switches are a really bad idea.  [PocketNow]
    • 24-04-2014: California's smartphone kill-switch bill flops in the state senate.  [Engadget]
    • 10-05-2014: California senate reviews kill-switch bill.  [HardOCP]  [cNet]
    • 19-06-2014: California's cell-phone kill switch is a solution that's worse than the problem.  [BoingBoing]  [EFF]
  • 20-06-2014: Android and Windows to get 'kill switch'.  [BBC News]  [NZ Herald]
  • 30-01-2014: Security 101 fail: 3G/4G modems expose control panels to hackers.  [The Register]

  • 21-11-2013: FCC: How we'll rip'n'replace old phone system for new IP tech.  [The Register]
  • 19-11-2013: Carriers reject a 'kill switch' for preventing cellphone theft.  [NYT]  [THG]  [T&M]
    • 20-11-2013: Kill switch 'blocked by cell operators' to pad profits, thunders DA.  [The Register]
    • 10-12-2013: New York asks cellphone carriers to explain why they rejected antitheft switch.  [NYT]
  • 18-11-2013: Obama’s secret attempt to ban cellphone unlocking, while claiming to support it.  [BoingBoing]  [Slate]  [Gizmodo]
    • 12-12-2013: Here's what the big carriers and the Feds agreed to on cellphone unlocking.  [WSJ ATD]
  • 14-10-2013: World record: wireless data transmission at 100Gbps.  [HardOCP]  [KIT]  [ExtremeTech]  [The Register]  [Engadget]
  • 23-09-2013: How I hacked SIM cards with a single text - and the networks don't care.  [The Register]
  • 23-09-2013: iOS security is almost non-existent, but nobody cares.  [PocketNow]  [GottaBeMobile]
  • 02-08-2013: Russian's massive Android malware industry revealed.  [PCMag]
  • 01-08-2013: The FBI can remotely activate microphones in Android phones to record conversations.  [Gizmodo]  [WSJ]  [GottaBeMobile]  [The Register]  [BGR]  [TrustedReviews]  [HardOCP]
  • 22-07-2013: Major SIM card security flaw puts hundreds of millions of devices at risk.  [THG]  [BGR]  [NYT]  [ExtremeTech]  [Ars Technica]  [iMore]
  • 16-06-2013: The world is listening.  [Stuff]
  • 14-06-2013: White House mandates that federal agencies make better use of spectrum.  [Engadget]
  • 14-06-2013: We want to put a kill switch into your phone, say Feds.  [The Register]
  • 08-06-2013: Behold, the world's most sophisticated Android trojan.  [Ars Technica]  [PocketNow]  [SecureList]  [BGR]  [Stuff]
  • 29-05-2013: Expensive mobile data plans will soon be a relic of the past, says Cisco CEO.  [WSJ ATD]
  • 25-03-2013: Mobile location data presents anonymity risk.  [BBC News]
    • 27-03-2013: Anonymised phone location data not so anonymous.  [Wired]  [Schneier]  [Nature]  [EFF]
    • 28-03-2013: New emails reveal Feds not forthright about fake cell tower devices.  [Ars Technica]
  • 07-03-2013: How the FBI intercepts cell phone data.  [Schneier]  [Slate]
  • 25-02-2013: Review: Britain's 4G smartphones.  [The Register]
  • 25-02-2013: ALU's latest lightRadio development aims to spread TD-LTE across China.  [Engadget]
  • 20-02-2013: Rethinking LTE networks.  [Juniper]
  • 18-02-2013: LTE Advanced: the newest overhyped mobile industry buzzword.  [GigaOM]
  • 24-01-2013: Google is building a new kind of wireless network.  [Gizmodo]  [WSJ]  [BGR]
  • 20-01-2013: Deloitte: wireless performance will collapse, prices rise.  [The Register]  [Deloitte]
  • 16-01-2013: IPv6 makes mobile networks faster.  [ExtremeTech]  [IT World]

  • 14-11-2012: One simple trick could disable a city's 4G phone network.  [Gizmodo]  [Schneier]  [MIT Technology Review]
  • 26-09-2012: Ofcom, government, telecoms LTE talks still not resolved.  [CoolSmartPhone]  [The Telegraph]  [Mobile Magazine]  [Digital Spy]
  • 06-09-2012: FBI vs Google: the legal fight to unlock phones.  [WSJ]
  • 27-07-2012: Security researcher demonstrates GPS vulnerability that could let hackers track users' location, take over phone.  [Android Police]
  • 27-07-2012: Charlie Miller demonstrates hack against NFC.  [Juniper]  [Forbes]
  • 27-02-2012: Between MWC and RSA, worlds of mobility and security collide.  [ReadWriteWeb]
  • 12-01-2012: Ovum comment: Softbank to launch TD-LTE service.  [Voxy]

  • 27-12-2011: GSM phones vulnerable to hijack scams.  [HardOCP]  [Yahoo]
  • 26-12-2011: Most cellular networks worldwide vulnerable to attack, researcher says.  [WSJ ATD]
  • 01-11-2011: Juniper to deliver mobility solution with Samsung.  [AndroidNZ]
  • 31-10-2011: Cell phone surveillance system.  [Schneier]
  • 31-10-2011: Mobile network operators in the cloud.  [DC Knowledge]
  • 12-10-2011: Prepare for massive and explosive cellular growth.  [IPv6 Act Now]  [IT Business Edge]

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