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Juniper Networks

  • Juniper EX4300 virtual chassis switch replacement.  [Michael McNamara]
  • IPv6 configuration on Juniper.  [ipCisco]
  • Dissecting iBGP and eBGP JUNOS configuration.  [ipSpace]
  • Using 4-byte BGP ASN with EVPN on Junos.  [ipSpace]
  • Routing tables of Juniper.  [ipCisco]
    • RIP configuration on Juniper.  [ipCisco]
    • OSPFv2 single area configuration on Juniper.  [ipCisco]
    • IS-IS configuration on Juniper.  [ipCisco]
    • Basic BGP configuration on Juniper.  [ipCisco]
    • Next-hop self on Juniper.  [ipCisco]
    • Routing policy configuration on Juniper.  [ipCisco]
    • Static routing on Juniper routers.  [ipCisco]
  • Considering the future of Juniper's Contrail and OpenContrail/Tungsten.  [Packet Pushers]
  • Juniper expands portfolio - makes enterprises multicloud-ready.  [Juniper, Forum]  [PacketPushers]  [The Register]
  • Does Juniper need to be purchased?  [Networking Nerd]
  • Juniper EX4300 series configuration template.  [Michael McNamara]
  • Campus networking with Juniper.  [Michael McNamara]
  • How JUNOS is transforming for Cloud Builders.  [Juniper]
  • JUNOS: useful show commands to capture data for verification and troubleshooting.  [Packet Pushers: part 1, part 2]
  • Design and Architecture Center.  [Juniper]
  • Junos export policy.  [IPEngineer]
  • Quick peek: Juniper vMX router.  [ipSpace]
  • Juniper EX private VLANs.  [MellowD]
  • Juniper EX virtual chassis notes.  [MellowD]
  • A holistic approach to DDoS mitigation and DNS availability.  [Juniper]  [Juniper]
  • How JUNOS is transforming for Cloud Builders.  [Juniper]
  • Juniper launches controller for SDN.  [DC Knowledge]
  • JUNOS FreeBSD version?  [StackExchange]
  • Juniper announces availability of data center DDoS protection.  [Juniper]
  • Juniper unveils world's most programmable core switch.  [Juniper]  [DC Knowledge]
  • The next chapter in the converged supercore.  [Juniper]
    • What's so big in a small Supercore?  [Juniper]
  • Juniper MX Routers -- all you ever wanted to know.  [ipSpace]
  • Juniper Networks introduces its vision and strategy for SDN.  [Juniper]  [DC Knowledge]
    • Decoding SDN.  [Juniper]
    • Value creation with SDN.  [Juniper]
    • SDN -- unleashing the full power of the network.  [Juniper]
  • My brief path to Juniper certification.  [Juniper: part 1, part 2, part 3]
  • Juniper as a second language.  [Juniper]
  • Juniper launches powerful edge services router.  [DC Knowledge]  [Juniper]
  • QFabric behind the curtain: I was spot-on.  [ipSpace]
  • So VMware nabs Nicira for a cool bil...  [Juniper]
  • Juniper disappointed by skittish service providers.  [The Register]
  • LINX selects Juniper PTX for network supercore.  [Juniper]
  • Is "big data" intelligence the next big thing in security?  [Juniper]
  • Juniper's vision for SDN enables network innovation.  [Juniper]
  • How the QFabric system enables a high-performance, scalable big data infrastructure.  [Juniper]
    • Juniper updates QFabric for mid-sized data centers.  [DC Knowledge]
    • The fastest data center in the west world.  [Juniper]
  • QFabric Lite.  [ipSpace]
  • Juniper gets up the hill like the little engine that could.  [WSJ ATD]
  • Improving network economics with a converged supercore in a multi-vendor environment.  [Juniper]
  • Mobile Security Report 2011 -- unprecedented mobile threat growth.  [Juniper]
    • PDF attached below: Juniper-2011-Mobile-Threats-Report.pdf
  • Tech notes: Juniper QFabric -- a perspective on scaling up.  [EtherealMind]
  • DLP, an essential piece in network security.  [Juniper]
  • Does multi-factor authentication security make you feel secure?  [Juniper]
  • Junos day one:
  • JUNOS interfaces and protocols: now I get it.  [ipSpace]
  • The silver bullet for security...  [Juniper]
  • Junos vs IOS: MPLS and LDP.  [ipSpace]
    • Junos vs IOS: explicit vs implicit.  [ipSpace]
  • Junosphere: the first impressions.  [IOS Hints]
  • Junos day one: translating configurations the geeky way.  [IOS Hints]
  • Network Access Control -- the sum of its parts.  [Juniper]
  • Concepts in IDP signature writing: why are there so many HTTP URL contexts and what do they do?  [Juniper]
  • Move over cloud -- fabric is the new buzz word.  [Juniper]
  • For Juniper, OpenFlow is an important step on the path to network programmability.  [Juniper]  [Juniper]
  • Where did all the bandwidth go?  [Juniper]
  • Juniper wins LINX next-gen network contract.  [Juniper]
  • Is QFabric proprietary?  [Juniper]
  • Juniper Networks unveils Junosphere Lab.  [Juniper]  [Juniper]
  • Download all Juniper Junos documentation -- nice feature.  [EtherealMind]  [Juniper]
  • Why I switched network vendors after 12 years from Cisco to Juniper Networks.  [Juniper]
  • Considering a migration from ScreenOS to Junos?  Time to restate your assumptions.  [Juniper]
    • ScreenOS vs Junos -- what you need to know before migrating products.  [Juniper]
  • QFabric.  [IOS Hints: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4]
  • Speculation: this is how I would use QFabric.  [IOS Hints]
  • Juniper QFabric -- action photos.  [EtherealMind]
  • Cloud and virtualisation security predictions for 2011.  [Juniper]  [Security Week]
  • When is a fabric not a fabric?  [Juniper]
  • Taking the network out of the network.  [Juniper]
  • Bubbles, shadows and the tyranny of trees.  [Juniper]
  • A security scan we can all agree on: vGW VM introspection offers an upside to pat-downs.  [Juniper]

High-Level Product Info

  • EX Series: mainly layer 2 with some layer 3 functionality -- does not support MPLS.
  • MX Series: ethernet switch with full layer 3 functionality and MPLS support.



  • What DC switches should I use with VMware NSX?  [ipSpace]
  • The myth of lossless vMotion.  [ipSpace]
  • Do we need complex DC switches for VMware NSX underlay?  [ipSpace]
  • VMware NSX killed my EVPN fabric.  [ipSpace]
  • Brief history of VMware NSX.  [ipSpace]
  • VMware NSX: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  [ipSpace]
  • VMware scales its virtual switches to tackle NFV.  [The Register]
  • VMware touts expanded NSX strategy.  [Network Computing]  [The Register]
  • VMware NSX Manager deployment guide.  [Network Computing]
  • Create an NSX logical switch with PowerNSX.  [ipSpace]
  • NSX-T.  [Russ White]  [TheNewStack]
  • Software-defined data centers: VMware designs.  [Network Computing]
  • VMware on AWS - how it fits, thoughts on how to use it.  [Packet Pushers]
  • PowerNSX in VMware hands on labs.  [Network Inferno]
  • VMware NSX is something awesome.  [Router Jockey]
  • FQDN based IP Sets in DFW rules.  [Network Inferno]
  • Choosing between VMware NSX and Cisco ACI.  [ipSpace]
  • vSphere user? You need to care about VMware's telco plans for a bit.  [The Register]
  • VMware NSX 6.3 promises easy microsegmentation for DC networks.  [DC Knowledge]  [Network Inferno]
  • Cisco ACI and VMware NSX: better together.  [Network Computing]
  • The end of the hypervisor.  [Russ White]  [CloudScaling]
  • Did VMware vSphere 6.0 remove the Layer 2 adjacency requirement for vMotion? No.  [DC Overlords]
  • Ingress optimisation with NSX for vSphere.  [Network Inferno]
  • NSX 6.2 Traceflow.  [Network Inferno]
  • NSX for vSphere: VXLAN Control Plane modes explained.  [Telecom Occasionally]
  • NSX Edge vs vShield Edge:
  • Are your ESXi uplinks saturated?  [ipSpace]  [Virtual Red Dot]
  • VMware NSX links.  [VCDX133]
  • Going over the edge with your VMware NSX and Cisco Nexus.  [Brad Hedlund]
  • VMware NSX articles:
  • Unreliable multicast means unreliable VMware VSAN.  [EtherealMind]
  • A tale of two perspectives: IT operations with NSX.  [Brad Hedlund]
  • On using Cisco ACI and VMware NSX in the same network.  [EtherealMind]
  • On choosing VMware NSX or Cisco ACI.  [Brad Hedlund]
  • Demo: end to end, hop by hop, physical and virtual network flow visibility with NSX.  [Brad Hedlund]
  • VMware standard and distributed switch (vSwitch and dvSwitch).  [Route Reflector]
  • Load balancing on VMware Virtual Standard (vSwitch).  [Route Reflector]
  • A webinar about VMWare's PowerCLI.  [The Register]
  • VMware NSX documentation and resources.  [ipSpace]
  • VMware's Casado: network virtualisation done the right way.  [Network Computing]
  • Video: VMware NSX architecture.  [ipSpace]
  • New design guide: VMware NSX with Cisco UCS and Nexus 7000.  [Brad Hedlund]
    • PDF attached below: VMware NSX with Cisco UCS and Nexus 7000 Poster.pdf
    • PDF attached below: VMware NSX with Cisco UCS and Nexus 7000 Design Guide.pdf
  • VMware virtual network: stuck between the past and the future.  [ipSpace]
  • vSphere does not need LAG band aids -- the network does.  [ipSpace]
  • Learning NVP/NSX.  [Scott Lowe]
    • Part 1: High-level architecture.
    • Part 2: NVP controllers.
    • Part 3: NVP manager.
    • Part 4: Adding hypervisors to NVP.
    • Part 5: Creating a logical network.
    • Part 6: Adding an NVP gateway.
    • Part 7: Handling the NVP to NSX transition.
    • Part 8: An update on the NVP to NSX transition.
    • Part 9: Adding a gateway service.
    • Part 10: Adding a service node.
    • Part 11: Reviewing OpenStack integration basics.
    • Part 12: Integrating VMware NSX with OpenStack.
    • Part 13: Revisiting logical networking.
    • Part 14: Using logical routing.
    • Part 15: NSX gateways, gateway services, and logical routers.
    • Part 16: Routing to multiple external VLANs.
    • Part 17: Adding external L2 connectivity.
    • Part 18: Routing without NAT.
  • Layer-3 forwarding with VMware NSX edge services router.  [ipSpace]
  • VMware NSX: the need for overlay virtual networks.  [ipSpace]
  • VMware NSX: game changer for data center networks.  [Network Computing]
  • Distributed virtual and physical routing in VMware NSX for vSphere.  [Brad Hedlund]
  • Layer-2 and layer-3 switching in VMware NSX.  [ipSpace]
  • VMware NSX architecture videos published.  [ipSpace]
  • Seven reasons VMware NSX, Cisco UCS and Nexus are orders of magnitude more awesome together.  [Brad Hedlund]
  • Layer-2 gateways in VMware NSX.  [ipSpace]
  • Cloud networking is not virtual networking -- presentation at London VMware Users Group 20130425.  [EtherealMind]
  • Basic introduction to network virtualisation, Nicira, and VMware.  [Brad Hedlund]
  • VMware realises it doesn't rule the cloud -- boosts support for Amazon.  [Ars Technica]
  • VMware touts data center that runs itself.  [The Register]
  • VMware unveils tools for software-defined data center.  [DC Knowledge]
  • VMware will join OpenStack.  [GigaOM]  [Wired]  [The Register]
  • VMware desktop virtual refresh lets you run Windows 8 everywhere.  [The Register]  [Ars Technica]
  • So VMware nabs Nicira for a cool bil...  [Juniper]
  • Musing: private cloud is next -- VMware and Nicira is about that.  [EtherealMind]
  • VMware buys Nicira for $1.05 billion.  [ZDNet]  [Bloomberg]  [Wired]  [Fox]  [CNN]  [DC Knowledge] [The Register]
    • How VMware embraced its open source nemesis.  [Wired]
    • VMware buys Nicira: a hypervisor vendor woke up.  [ipSpace]
  • Is Nicira's network virtualisation a game-changer?  [Wired]
  • Embrace the change... resistance is futile.  [ipSpace]
  • Comparing Embrane and Nicira is pointless -- they are different.  [EtherealMind]
  • Nicira Open vSwitch inside vSphere/ESX.  [ipSpace]
  • Nicira and programmable networking -- a Juniper perspective.  [Juniper]
  • Netscape founder battles Cisco with stealth startup.  [Wired]
  • Nicira uncloacked.  [ipSpace]
  • Networking startup Nicira wants to mess up Cisco and Juniper's business.  [WSJ ATD]

Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia

  • Data and control plane protection for IPv6 with SR-OS, IOS-XR and Mellanox/Cumulus).  [Karneliuk]
  • Logs in Nokia SR routers.  [ipCisco]
  • What's next for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise?  [No Jitter]
  • Segment routing and IP-VPN with Arista, Cisco, Nokia.  [Karneliuk: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6]
  • Telemetry: OpenConfig native YANG modules for SR OS and IOS XR with Ansible.  [part 1part 2, part 3]
  • Nokia rounds out SD-WAN 2.0 platform.  [No Jitter]
  • OpenConfig (with/without Ansible) for EOS, IOS XR and SR OS:
  • Model-driven CLI (MD-CLI) in SR OS.  [Karneliuk]
  • ECMP configuration on Nokia routers.  [ipCisco]
  • IPv6 configuration on Nokia routers.  [ipCisco]
  • Basic SR configuration.  [ipCisco]
  • Role play games with Ansible for SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • EVPN/VXLAN for data centre with SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5]
  • Nokia 7750 SR:
  • Nokia routers and multi-layer switches.  [ipCisco]
  • Nokia SR-OS IP filters.  [ipCiscoexample 1example 2]
  • NETCONF / YANG with Ansible on SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • Service Router interface configuration.  [ipCisco]
  • IES - Internet Enhanced Services.  [ipCisco]
  • NETCONF/YANG for SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • MVPN for IPv4/IPv6 in SR OS and IOS XR:
  • Multicast for IPv4/IPv6 in SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • PCEP and XTC for SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • BGP-LS in SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • Unnumbered Ethernet interface in SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk: part 1, part 2]
  • Segment routing traffic engineering (SR-TE) in SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • Nokia FP4 - the era of cloud-scale routing.  [GazettaByte]
  • AIGP - looking into IGP routing through BGP in SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • Nokia goes 14nm for 576 Tbps monster router.  [The Register]
  • Routed VPLS in SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • Staffing virtual routers: VSR by Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) R14.0 and R15.0 and XRv by Cisco.  [Karneliuk]
  • MPLS PWHE (pseudowire head-end) in SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • MPLS service to transport mapping in SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • TI-LFA (with Segment Routing) at SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • IP/LDP FRR/LFA and remote LFA at SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • Inter-AS VPN Option-C between SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • Inter-AS VPN Option-B between SR OS and IOS XR.  [Karneliuk]
  • ALU innovates undersea cable system technology.  [DC Knowledge]
  • Switches complete Alcatel-Lucent SDN suite.  [The Register]
  • Nokia acquires Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion to create networking giant.  [Ars Technica]
  • ALU cooks up 400Gbps router interconnect.  [The Register]
  • Orange & ALU lay down 400Gbps connection from Paris to Lyon.  [Rude Baguette]  [ALU]
  • Alcatel-Lucent unveils SDN plans, supports OpenStack.  [DC Knowledge]  [The Register]
  • Alcatel-Lucent introduces new core routers.  [DC Knowledge]
  • Alcatel-Lucent tinkers with Telstra's enterprise network.  [The Register]
  • Alcatel-Lucent's "Carrier Cloud": switching to the right switch.  [ReadWriteWeb]
  • HP and ALU data center network connect.  [ALU]
    • PDF attached below: HP-ALU_DCNC_solution-brief.pdf
  • ALU issues 400G router challenge.  [Light Reading]  [ALU]  [DC Knowledge]  [Engadget]

High-Level Product Info

  • 7450 Ethernet Service Switch (ESS): switch with full layer 3 functionality and MPLS support.
  • 7670 Routing Switch Platform (RSP): 450Gbps router with full MPLS support.
  • 7750 Service Router (SR): 


  • MSTP configuration with ENSP.  [ipCisco]
  • Interface configuration with ENSP.  [ipCisco]
  • OSPFv2 configuration on Huawei ENSP.  [ipCisco]
  • RIPv2 configuration on Huawei ENSP.  [ipCisco]
  • Huawei Versatile Routing Platform - VRP.  [ipCisco]
    • Huawei router file system.  [ipCisco]
    • Huawei static routing and load balancing.  [ipCisco]
  • AAA configuration on Huawei.  [ipCisco]
  • VLAN routing with Layer 3 switch.  [ipCisco]
  • VLAN routing with Layer 2 switch and router.  [ipCisco]
  • Huawei ACLs.  [ipCisco]
  • Link aggregation on Huawei routers.  [ipCisco]
  • NAT configuration on Huawei routers.  [ipCisco]
  • Huawei configuration.  [ipCisco: RIPng, OSPFv3]
  • PPP configuration on Huawei.  [ipCisco]
  • RSTP configuration on Huawei.  [ipCisco]
  • STP configuration on Huawei.  [ipCisco]
  • IPSec VPN configuration on Huawei.  [ipCisco]
  • SNMP configuration on Huawei.  [ipCisco]
  • DHCP configuration on Huawei routers.  [ipCisco]
  • VLAN configuration on Huawei switches.  [ipCisco]
  • Huawei: the company that spooked the world.  [The Economist]  [Gizmodo]  [Engadget]
  • Huawei looking into critical router flaw claims.  [The Register]
  • Watch out Cisco, Huawei's coming!  [EtherealMind]  [GigaOM]
  • China's Huawei denies aiding censorship and tracking efforts in Iran.  [TheNextWeb]
Checkpoint Nokia:
  • Comparing Embrane and Nicira is pointless -- they are different.  [EtherealMind]
  • First take on Embrane Heleos.  [Brad Hedlund]
  • Scaling virtual appliances with Embrane.  [EtherealMind]
  • Embrane Heleos: scale-out virtual appliances.  [ipSpace]
  • Gnodal -- a new type of fabric and silicon -- impressive.  [EtherealMind]
  • Big Blue uncloaks multi-talented 40GbE rack switch.  [The Register]
  • IBM launched a Nexus 1000V competitor.  [ipSpace]
  • VLAG caveats in Brocade VCS fabric.  [ipSpace]
  • Brocade rolls out broad-based SDN strategy.  [DC Knowledge]
  • Brocade reveals Fabric Vision technology.  [DC Knowledge]  [Brocade]
  • Brocade's data center Ethernet strategy.  [EtherealMind]
  • Building large L3 fabrics with Brocade VDX switches.  [ipSpace]
  • Hybrid OpenFlow, the Brocade way.  [ipSpace]
  • Equal-cost multipath in Brocade's VCS fabric.  [ipSpace]
  • Brocade: yet another SDN strategy.  [ipSpace]
  • Brocade VCS fabric.  [ipSpace]
  • Brocade HyperEdge and "effortless network".  [EtherealMind]  [The Register]
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