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Useful Articles

  • Hardware differences between routers and switches. [ipSpace, Response]

  • Stretched VLANs - what problem are you trying to solve? [ipSpace]

  • Ethernet standards looks at speeds beyond 400Gbps. [The Register]

  • When stretching Layer 2, separate your fate. [ipSpace] [Ethan Banks]

  • Is switching latency relevant? [ipSpace]

  • Routing in stretched VLAN designs. [ipSpace]

  • IPoE vs PPPoE. [ipCisco]

  • Building secure L2 DC fabrics with Cisco Nexus. [ipSpace]

  • Do switches even matter anymore? [Packet Pushers]

  • A summary of high-speed Ethernet ASICs. [Elegant Network]

  • Switching. [ipCisco]

  • When all you have are stretched VLANs. [ipSpace]

  • Should I go with VXLAN or MLAG with STP? [ipSpace]

  • How long can an Ethernet cable be? [EtherealMind]

  • Stretched VLANs and failing firewall clusters. [ipSpace]

  • Stretched Layer 2 subnets in Azure. [ipSpace]


  • Migrating from FabricPath to EVPN/VXLAN. [StubArea51]

  • EVPN/VXLAN complexity. [ipSpace]

  • Why would you need VXLAN transport? [ipSpace]

  • Can we really use millions of VXLAN segments? [ipSpace]

  • Private VLANs with VXLAN. [ipSpace]

  • Loop avoidance in VXLAN networks. [ipSpace]

  • Large Layer-2 domains strike again. [ipSpace] [Krebs Twitter]

  • Active-active DCs with VXLAN and EVPN. [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN is still insecure. [ipSpace]

  • The sunset of VXLAN. [NANOG 74 YouTube]

    • The sunset of VXLAN -- really? [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN broadcast domain size limitations. [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN limitations of data center switches. [ipSpace]

  • Could we build an IXP on top of VXLAN infrastructure? [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN designs. [Russ White] [Cumulus Networks: part 1]

  • Are VXLAN-based large Layer 2 domains safer? [ipSpace]

  • Extending Layer 2. [Network Collective, YouTube]

  • VXLAN ping and traceroute. [ipSpace] [ipSpace stream]

  • Why do we need VXLAN -- and what it is? [ipSpace, video]

  • VXLAN gateway hardware overview. [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN has no security! [ipSpace]

  • Routing over VXLAN. [ipSpace, video]

  • VXLAN on VMware NSX: VTEP, proxy, Unicast/Multicast/Hybrid mode. [Route Reflector]

  • Cisco adds Ethernet VXLAN BGP support to Nexus switches [The Register]

  • Revisited: Layer 2 DCI over VXLAN. [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN encapsulation in Juniper Contrail. [ipSpace]

  • Layer 3 switching over VXLAN revisited. [ipSpace]

  • vMotion and VXLAN. [ipSpace]

  • Using VXLAN to speed & secure your clouds. [DC Knowledge]

  • VXLAN scalability challenges. [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN gateway design guidelines. [ipSpace]

  • VMware's SDN dilemma: VXLAN or Nicira? [Brad Hedlund]

  • Long-distance vMotion, stretched HA clusters, and business needs. [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN gateways. [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN is not a data center interconnect technology. [ipSpace]

  • A better fabric with VMware NSXi for your network switch. [Brad Hedlund]

  • VM-level IP multicast over VXLAN. [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN and OTV: I've been suckered. [ipSpace]

  • Could MPLS-over-IP replace VXLAN or NVGRE? [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN and EVB questions. [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN runs over UDP -- does it matter? [ipSpace]

  • VXLAN, IP multicast, OpenFlow and control planes. [ipSpace]

  • The first open vSwitch VXLAN patch is in. [Network Heresy]

  • VXLAN termination on physical devices. [IOS Hints]

  • NVGRE, VXLAN and what Microsoft is doing right. [Network Heresy] [IOS Hints]

  • Top five things about VXLAN -- and why it's full of fail. [EtherealMind]


  • Why is TRILL not routing at layer 2? [IOS Hints]

  • Setting the stage for TRILL, rethinking data center switching. [Brad Hedlund]

  • Trill/fabric path -- STP integration. [IOS Hints]

  • Rant: why SPB doesn't get any attention. [Etherealmind]

  • On "Why TRILL won't work for the data center". [Brad Hedlund]

  • DCB and TRILL have nothing in common. [IOS Hints]

  • TRILL goes to WAN -- the bridging craze continues. [IOS Hints]

  • Does TRILL make sense at all? [ipSpace]

  • The state of TRILL. [ipSpace]




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